Gabriel Cosmetics Inc., Paradise Collection Launches!

Be sure to check out more Gabriel Cosmetics Inc., tutorial videos online. Directing, Editing and working with such a great cosmetic company has been amazing. Such a positive crew and always a pleasure to work with. Stay tuned as each of videos launch at different times. Here is a taste of a couple of the Paradise collection palettes. Follow Gabriel Cosmetics, Inc., on Facebook for all the new updates on palettes and other make up choices, and products.

“Adore You” (Miley Cyrus) cover by Adanna Duru

NBC’s The Voice S3 Team Adam contestant, Adanna Duru was a pleasure to work with. I directed and edited her first 4 cover songs to be released this year. Here is the first release of her cover songs, “Adore You”. You may recognize the lyrics from the singer, Miley Cyrus.

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. – Celestial Eye Palettes

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. has released a new selection of tutorials with the Celestial Eye Palettes. Check out some of the upcoming colors in palettes to chose from and watch the demonstration videos and expertise from Gabriel DeSantino, CEO of the company. Become a fan on Facebook or Twitter.

TRX InHealth Seattle – 1st Class Always Free

Looking for a good workout, great trainer with a healthy and positive atmosphere to workout in? Check out InHealth in Seattle. For all your Chiropractic needs and much more. Why chose InHealth? Great People, Great Reviews, Helpful and always on there to meet your needs and answer your questions. First TRX Class always FREE!

Gabe Sanchez – Performance Reel – Celebrity Impersonator

Gabe Sanchez is an amazing dancer and performer, appearing in Le Faux each weekend, the great Northwest’s favorite Celebrity Impersonator show at Julia’s On Broadway. Doing many looks and appearances as Christian Aguilera, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and more. You may check her out for yourself Friday & Saturday night’s at Le Faux. Gabe is passionate about dance and entertaining on the stage. Check out the performance reel I directed, filmed and edited for Gabe Sanchez. Performing to “Born this Way” a remix of Lady Gaga.

Indie Folk Duo – Help The Gypsy Lights on their IndieGoGo Campaign

The Gypsy Lights, an Indie Folk Duo in Seattle currently, is Los Angeles bound this Fall. Check out their IndieGoGo Campaign and see what you get as a fan for helping donate. So many awesome options for you to help them raise money for their next year with licensing, touring and even a soon to be filmed Music Video of the song, “Here in your arms.” Help Pledge to their  IndieGoGo Campaign fundraiser and for more information on their music.

Pick me, Pick me, Ellen Degeneres

Help Hayley L. Howell’s Dream come true, to become a singer for Ellen Degeneres’s 11:11 Record Label. As well as share her Sammy’s Catventures Stories to kids across the world. Check out Hayley’s video’s and help support, repost, share, and retweet to your friends, family and colleagues. Check out a sneak peak at her Justin Bieber Parody she wrote for Ellen Degeneres.

Jordan Riley – You Make Me Better

I am the Director of Photography and music video editor for Jordan Riley’s song “You Make Me Better”. Definitely one of my most favorite projects yet. Be sure to check out Jordan’s updates and checkout his Website Link as well as other music in his collection. You may Follow Jordan on Twitter and Facebook.

Singer & Song Writer Hayley L. Howell

Special photo tribute given (at beginning) to Hayley’s cousins Micah and Shilo Edwards who passed away in a car accident February 13, 2009.
This song is for anyone who has lost a loved one or is missing someone, and is in need of love and comfort.
Hayley L. Howell is in the process of completing her first musical album, “The Singing Angel.” Her first completed song is, “I’m Not Gone: I’m in Your Heart,” which is now available as a single at
Music has always been a big part of her life. Hayley’s musical influences include Michael Jackson, The Hanson Brothers, Karen Carpenter, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion and many other artists.
Hayley is also a children’s book author of Sammy’s CatVentures book series, which has been well loved by children. For more information go to:
Besides writing and singing, Hayley enjoys reading her books to children, watching “I Love Lucy,” “Cosby,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” Garfield comics, going to her Taekwondo classes, and making people smile. Currently, she is attending college where she is majoring in children’s psychology.

Contact Hayley L. Howell:

Gabriel Cosmetics – Oceanid Collection

Gabriel Cosmetics is a great company where you may get exclusive Beauty Broadcasts,  including promotions from Gabriel Color, Gabriel Skincare, ZuZu Luxe and Clean Kids Naturally. Be sure to check out regular updates and beauty tips on their Facebook page or  Website. Check out a new makeup application video with the Oceanid Collection products from Gabriel Cosmetics.


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